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Submitted on
July 22, 2013


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:new: new end date
October 5th!

sorry if this journal is one you always see my fellow watchers, i do LOTS of updates for this contest >U<
and find out how to get 1-10 POINTS FREE!!! go to the journal section of my contest


OC Contest prizesEDIT : wow so many people has been donating! thank you so very much!
i hope i get many entries from all these amazing people

Hello everyone! ^U^
As you have read I am holding a contest at the moment*u*
Any donation prizes would be greatly appreciated! :iconloveloveplz:
Anything would be awesome! From llama to watches, pictures to faves, or even points every bit counts!
Also if you want to play judge and pick your favourite entry in the contest to give your prize to, you may do so as well! (Just bewaaaare of bribery >u<) unfortunately though, you are NOT allowed to take a judging position, so sorry ;u;
So here will be the prizes so far; (this will always be updated
:bulletblue:1st category- Costume Category
1000 :points: from JigokuShii
Digital/ traditional full body from JigokuShii
2 chibis from JigokuShii
1 chibi adopt from JigokuShii
Watch, llama, 5 faves and 5 comments from :devJi

Art contest- anime, ponys, and a giveaway

:bulletblue:First thing I will explain is the art contest;
You may use any type of median you want for drawing, and as long as they are in good quality (not an I phone picture of the drawing) I pretty much love any median, I absolutely DO NOT love digital over traditional, I love them both equally<3
In the art contest there will be categories to win

But another thing is, I think it would be best to watch me, no not just because I want more watchers, its because it would probably be important to be updated with the art contest

i intend to keep adding :points: to the prizes, and add more prizes once more people enter~

Also if you would like to help this contest and offer a prize to a category or your favourite art piece from this contest, that is also allowed too <3

:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

:bulletblue:First Category is… fashion/ design a costume/ outfit…
HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN!  Many of you may know that I just ADORE designing clothing so in this category the objective is to put one or more of my ocs into costume, these can be anyone of my active ocs whether it be;
Levia, C4, Roibaen, primavera or Nirik
Or if you're into ponies;
Evening Stain or Mended Heart

you can dress them up as anything! pokemon, flowers, medieval princesses/ knights, i dont really care >U<

To win this category the objective is to design an outfit for any of my oc(s) (pony or anime )

:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

:bulletblue:Second  Catagory is… Equestrian magic
WHOO HOO! This is for all who love mlp or any pony style of drawing!
You may draw my oc Evening stain,Mended heartor even :adoptaponyshadow: 's oc Sapphire Crescent 'you may draw anything you want with them, I could care less, you can draw them interacting with your ocs, cross-species them, or change them to an opposite gender!

Also you may use my existing  Ocs, Levia, C4, Roibaen, Primavera, or Nirik and change them into ponies!

To win this category the objective is to just draw my pony oc (s)

:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

:bulletblue:Finally third contest is… Journal popularity

No this part is not an art contest category, all you gotta do here is make a journal about my art contest~
Easy right? So if you're not into drawing this is the perfect category for you!

There will be 2 prizes for 2 different types of popularity
Prize 1 of 50 :points: will go to which ever journal has the most POSITIVE comments
Prize 2 of 50 :points: will go to the most favourites
Prize 3 of 50 :points: will go to the most views

The views/ faves/ and comments shall be viewed on the due date
the only thing i do not want to see, is bribery or anything negative in the journal <3

just submit you journal here to enter~

ALL JOURNAL ENTRIES GET 1-5 POINTS ON MAKING A JOURNAL! (the points depend on how much effort you put into the journal)

:iconsparklesplz: :iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

:bulletblue: The art contest will be judged by;

Effort  ?/30

Creativity  ?/30

Detail ? /20

Skill ?/10

Also there will be 2 judges both :iconaquagalaxy:  and I :iconjigokushii:

do we have to do all of the catagorys?/
can we do more than one catagory?

you can do as maaaaaany catagorys as you want, it's your choice~

:bulletblue:how can we show effort??? how would YOU know?
mwahaha 'cause im psychic! jk, i can tell how much effort by the art work compared to your other works of art!

for the halloween contest, does it have to be halloween - themed?
no, do WHATEVERRRR you want, design your own outfit if you want! <3

is there a limit of drawings?
no, but remember, its quality and effort over quantity

is there a specific title that should be used?
i think something a long the lines of "JigokuShii's contest entry" will be fine!

how flexible is this contest? are we allowed to fight scenes and mini comics
of course you may! id love things like that!
and this contest is so flexible you can do black flips!

will there be voting for us to vote?
unfortunately no, until we find a way to do it fairly~

im your best friend, and ill giv eyou something extra to -wink-

:bulletblue:The end date for submitting art/ journals shall be September 25th this is negotiable if majority of people need to finish on time <3


Levia: Preview; Masked Killers by JigokuShiigiftie for JigokuShi13 by blue-kingdomEA Warriors by JigokuShii
Levia is an optimistic and happy person. she is never angry or sad and she has a pet Narwhal
C4: EA assignment contest by JigokuShiiArt Commission- JigokuShii's OC by lXlKURAMAlXl<da:thumb id="389797778"/>Jay vs C4: Hues and Contrasts by JigokuShiiRe Vamped EA app - Craccilliac Silveira by JigokuShii
C4 is usually seen angry, upset, stubborn and/ or smirking evily, so put all negetive energy in one area and you got c4. but she is like an older sister to Levia
Nirik : EA Teacher's App - Nirik by JigokuShii
Nirik is a bit oF a smarty pants, he is very conceited, and finds himself more important than others, but he is also mysterious, making creations of mutation
other C4 and levia drawings:…

Roibaen: LA App- Roibaen Falco by JigokuShiiLunA Art Trade: Roibaen by chun-bun
Roibaen is a VERY shy person, she HARDLY talks at all and mostly studders. although she is shy, she enjoys pranking many people
Primavera: LA app - Primavera Caylsto by JigokuShiiPoint Commission for JigokuShii - Prima Calysto by Akira035
Primavera is VERY flirty, she loves commenting people, and maybe to the verge of awkwardness
other Roibaen and Primavera:…

Mended Heart: New Pony Oc- Mended Heart by JigokuShiiThank you Fluttershy... by JigokuShii
Mended Heart is shy and usually seen alone, she has a gauged out eye on her left (our right) which sucks energy from other ponies when she is weak.
other than that she is really kind <3

Evening Stain: Pony Oc- Evening Stain by JigokuShiiGIft Evening Stain by AquaGalaxy
Evening stain is a very clumsy pony, she usually has paint ALLL over her self and usually on her long tail, dragging black paint where ever she walks

Northern Star: Northern Star's Discovery by JigokuShiiNorthern Star ref sheet Commission for JigokuShii by SugarMoonPonyArtist
Northern Star is a type of pony who lives alone in the sky/ clouds, occasionally visiting lost ponies who need help, then guiding them.
this is where she gets her name and also why she is so bright, so Northern can make sure they can see her light and guide them home.

Sapphire Crescent: MLP oc sapphirecresent by AquaGalaxySapphire Cresent by tatugon
sapphire is friendly, optimistic and quiet <3

Tainted Purity:pony oc ref sheet: Tainted purity by AquaGalaxyGift for Adoptaponyshadow by Xin-YiL
see first ref. for info

Other drawings of them:……

Art and Journal Entries…

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  • Reading: Comments &lt;3
  • Watching: my watchers OuO &lt;333
  • Playing: with a pencil
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  • Drinking: vanilla Expresso
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panchan14 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a piece prepared for your contest, but I don't have a computer readily available, so I haven't gotten it scanned in yet! I will try to get it in by Saturday!
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
ok then, cant wait to see it
Angelwing8 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist… <3 Made the journal. I'm going to try and enter. ^^
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awesome and thanks! i cant wait to see it then!
Angelwing8 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
omg this looks absolutely amazing!, i have added it to the contest folder~
Angelwing8 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Alrighty. ^^ Thanks again!
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 no problem, and thank you <3
when will the winners be announced?
JigokuShii Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
probably october 6th
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